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This is OUR campaign

This campaign is not about me, but about US.  We are stronger together and I want to serve my constituents and be OUR voice in Washington, D.C. 

A Little About Me

I was born in the 4th Congressional District at the Midland Hospital. My Dad was an oil driller and worked on many of the wells in the area. I grew up in Harrison, Michigan and had a successful business career for Nabisco Inc. in the 4th District from 1980 to 1992. I graduated from Harrison High School; I later earned my B.S. in Business Education, Physical Education, and Biology from Central Michigan University. I also earned my MBA from the University of Michigan - Flint and a MA in Sports Administration from Central Michigan University.


I taught at public schools in poor school districts: Whittemore-Prescott and Flint area as well as one of the richest Fairfax County, Virginia. I also taught economics and business at Mid-Michigan Community College and Lansing Community College, before suspending my teaching duties to do my best to truly represent OUR 4th District's voice.


I would vote for any healthcare bill that improves our healthcare system and lowers cost to working families. However I believe Medicare for all is the quickest and least expensive route to take. We need to take advantage of the many resources we have in OUR 4th District, who wouldn't want to live here? We have the Great Lakes, beautiful inland lakes, forests, wildlife, and rivers. We have an underused yet hardworking workforce, empty factories, inexpensive land, and a younger generation that is lacking the opportunities it deserves. Utilizing all of these resources could produce a bright future for all of us regardless of age, party, race, religion, class, or any personal lifestyle choices.

Campaign Vision

This is OUR campaign

My vision for OUR future in our 4th U.S. Congressional District, our Michigan and our United States is one of equal opportunity leading to greater prosperity in life by rebuilding the middle class. I envision our future in a sustainable environment where all people are respected and valued. Where standard of living for all residents is rising as opposed to the last 40 years in our U.S.A when only the top earners have consistently grown their incomes. We have raised standard of living in our U.S.A in the past by growing the middle class which proves we can do it again. Only then will “all boats rise again” creating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and allowing everyone our freedom to become what we are capable of being.


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